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The Cross Of Christ - Part 2

It has been said that, 'œAbsolute power corrupts absolutely.' In this sermon, Art Katz adapts this catchphrase to fit the context of the night Christ displayed who he was through his sufferings, 'œCrisis reveals and absolute crisis reveals absolutely.' In the face of their Lord hanging upon a tree, the disciples were confronted with an absolute crisis which divulged who they really were. From the garden on through the resurrection circumstances revealed. No more were they boasting of their capacity to be the greatest. During the dark night of the crisis of the Christ, all was revealed. It is in this that the Apostle Paul gloried, nothing other than the cross of Christ, for nothing else has the capacity to reveal what we are. The sufferings of Christ, viewed with sincerity, will always beget personal revelation. We must be apprehended by the cross. If this is not the case, then we will be absolutely unable to serve God in any form of spiritual community. Just like it was a suffering for Christ to display the truth of who he was, so also, our apprehension of the truth of what we are will be suffering.

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