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The Cross Of Christ - Part 3

Starting with a quote from C.H. Spurgeon, "Jesus bears not the cross so that you may escape it, but that you may endure it," this sermon delivers a message which adopts and adheres the previous two messages into our own bearing of the cross. It is stated herein that one of the greatest libels against the cross in our day is the idea that the believer in the cross is absented from any form of suffering. It is the cruciform life which will generate a necessary friction against the kingdoms of this world. We must apprehend that this conflict is an intention of God through his people, and in every sense, a diet of the things of this world will by nature slicken any apprehension of this cross-centered friction. The hearing of this sermon in its deepest of intentions will bring you face to face with Jesus calling you Satan, that is to say...you are Satanic if you cherish not the things of God over the things of man. We are admonished to take up the cross and follow Christ for, "Natural man is always the instrument by which Satanic things are brought into being in the collision between kingdoms."

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