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The Journey From Prayer To Obedience

(Preached: Feb. 8th, 2004). In a place of complacency, the enemy rose up to try to destroy God's people. After the captivity in Babylon, many of Israel had grown comfortable and stayed, rather than returning. Mixture in the world gives the enemy room to rise up and rule over you. Esther fasted and prayed, but she then had to get up and go to the king. We, as the Body of Christ, need to remember we are ambassadors of Christ, and there is no time for games. Jesus is coming, and we need to come out from among the world, and seperate ourselves for his purposes. If you are struggling with your flesh, this message will help you, and hopefully motivate you. Esther risked her life to intercede for her people. We need to risk whatever will come into our lives whether persecution, or trouble, to be seperated to God's purposes.

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