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The Testimony of a Fixed Heart

In this sermon, Carter compares Psalm 60 {a Psalm written early in his life} with Psalm 198 {a Psalm written later in his life}. He points out there is a similarity in both Psalms except for the beginning verses. Carters main point is that in Davids maturity he became a man of a fixed heart and is singing a song of victory in Psalm 108 instead of singing out a song of circumstances and difficulties in Psalm 60. In this message, Carter brings out promises that are in types that were given to David and are of course given to us too. We can wake up having a testimony of a fixed heart and singing a song of victory instead of waking up singing a song of our circumstances and having a testimony of the troubles around us. We can sing a song of victory and have a testimony of a fixed heart if we can realize that we have promises that God will give us the victory through Jesus Christ.

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