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When Even Prayer Seems Impossible

Have you ever been in a place where you feel something you have to do is impossible? where you try to accomplish what you think is the will of God only to find that your religious zeal is going against the very revealed word of almighty God. This is where Peter, James and John where when Jesus invited them to go into Gethsemane, just a few hours before they had pledged to the Lord that they would not desert Him even though He Himself had told them they would scatter as sheep without a Shepherd. The power of the Holy Spirit was not yet given and so Peter was moving in the flesh, he didn't see where the resources for maintaining a close walk with Jesus would come from. But it is through Christ that all things are made possible to us, all the purposes God would have us to accomplish can be met as long as we realize our own weakness and abject need for Christ to live His life through us and that this can only be done by complete reliance on Him for the resources.

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