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Who Are the Meek and What Do They Inherit

Very good message defining the importance of "meekness.""Meekness is not weakness."This is a must hear sermon by Carter Conlon on meekness. The heart of the message is about the need for each of us to walk in meekness in order to lead others to Jesus. The meek man Moses could not lead the children into the promised land, because of one instance of anger. There is a warning to us in this example. We can miss the opportunity to lead family, friends, and others to the Lord by one instance of walking out of the character of Christ. Carter used Mathew 11:28 when Jesus said, 'œI am meek and lowly of heart.' Carter also used Mathew 5 Jesus said, 'œblessed are the meek' but the main text he used was the story of Moses hitting the rock in anger and the inability of Moses to then lead others into the promised land.

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