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Exposing False Doctrines

Exposing False Doctrines
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Marks of a Cult

Uncertain hope. When any message is lifted above the Bible. Download
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My People Are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge

We must return to the scriptures. If our Heart is the Lord's we won't give it to the world. Download
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Protection From the Power of Satan (Part 1)

Satan has power today, and he is seeking to destroy us. We should not take this lightly, but we have nothing to fear if we are the children of God. This message will help you to discern and defeat the tactics of the devil. Download
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Foundations Of Psychology

Much of modern psychology is based on the teachings of two men who did not recognize God as the answer to the needs of mankind. This message examines these men and their philosophies, and their effect on the world and the church today. Download
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Counseling Concepts Exposed

This message shows how Freudian psychology has been integrated into Download
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We are living in an age of compromise. Where are the prophets who will unwaveringly proclaim the truth? Many are giving in to the pressures of society or religious systems. Are you going to stand against the tide? Download
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Broken Clock Salvation

Bro. Dean warns against the theological Christianity that is so prevelant in our modern time. Christianity is a life, not just a set of doctrines. True faith will produce works. Has your faith affected every area of your life? Download