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Heart Christianity

Heart Christianity
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This message was preached at the 1996 Men's Prayer Advance. It addresses the great need for broken men, who have had their pride dealt with. It discusses the difference between just confessing sin and true brokenness. Download
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The Tenth Commandment

The tenth commandment talks about a heart matter, something that the law could not touch. The other nine commandments can all be kept outwardly without an inward change. Download
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The Burden Of God Brings Brokenness

In the midst of Bible School 2001, dozens of students were in prayer and fasting for God to bring brokenness and humility to their hearts. God brought an unplanned speaker from thousands of miles away to deliver this message in answer to that prayer. Download
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Light Rejected! Light Neglected! Light Reflected!

This tape is basically the same message as #2784. Download
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Quiet Time

Your Christianity is as real as your quiet time with God. This is of vital importance to every person of every walk of life. This practical message discusses the sacrifices we should offer to God in our quiet time. Download
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The Lord Looketh on the Heart

Are we looking for revival? Than we must be honest with ourselves. The Lord looks on the heart; He looks deeper than the outside. Where are our treasures? We cannot stand divided. Revival comes to those that are longing to be Christ-like. Download
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The Leader and His Walk With God

Practical applications in God's Word on a leader's walk with God. Teachings include leading like a shepherd, walking in the light, walking in love, walking in the spirit and calling sin, sin. Download
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What Does Jesus Mean to Me?

This message addresses the greatest need of the church in America today, namely, Download