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Heart Christianity

Heart Christianity
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Am I Ashamed of Jesus Christ?

Does shame keep you from opening your mouth and sharing what Christ has done for you? If you are ashamed of Christ, Brother David points out that you are actually denying Him. If we deny Him, He will deny us. Download
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The Garden of My Heart

If you are wondering why you aren't fruitful, you need to check the soil of your heart. Your heart should be soft, deep and clear. Our lives should be filled with righteousness and praise. Download
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The Power To Do Good Is In Your Hand

March 22, 2009 - This message is for those who are struggling with something that is threatening to captivate you and for those whom Satan is desiring to lock in a prison of fear. The question we ask is, "Do you trust in the midst of the storm?"We must be Download
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Desperate Prayer

Leonard Ravenhill draws from Hannah's travail how intercession is likened to spiritual "pregnancy" and birth. As travail precedes the birth of a child, so birth pangs of desperate prayer precede revival. Ravenhill masterfully draws upon the heroic exploit Download