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Is Sin Exceedingly Sinful?

Does sin look exceedingly sinful to you? Are you willing to be totally honest with your sin? If sin still looks pleasurable you are still deceived by it. The truth is that sin brings death after what seems like a moment of vain pleasure. Download
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Exposing the True Nature of Sin

What is sin to us? Do we see it for what it is, against a holy God Who cannot dwell with sin? When it is not dealt with, continued in, or hidden in our lives it will always destroy us and take us farther than we think it will. Download
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The Deception of Sin and the Power of Christ

Have you surrendered to Christ, but held back a little? Is there a small sin at the bottom of your heart that you are unwilling to confess? Sin can never be justified. We can hide nothing from God. Freedom is only found in forsaking all sin for Christ. Download
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When God Refuses to Answer

Does it seem like your prayers are not being heard? The Bible tells us that there are times when God refuses to answer prayer. This sermon examines several of the things that will hinder our relationship with God. Download
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The Pit of Human Jealousy and Envy

Jealousy and envy are very dangerous, destructive sins. This sermon clearly defines these sins, and warns us about them. Jealousy and envy will often lead to other sins. The sermon concludes with the way of deliverance. Download