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Word Of God

Word Of God
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The Real or the Plastic?

Devastated by what took place while visiting a '˜Jesus Rally, Art opens up and lays bare the issue of authentic repentance. Download
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God's Great Promise to His Church

The Holy Spirit is the promise of the Father. To neglect Him is to give up our birthright and to hinder ourselves in our spiritual walk. Download
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Believing the Whispers of God

December 10, 2006 - We may be experiencing adversity and various trials but if you have an honest heart God will instruct us and guide us with His Word. When the Lord has used His servant and His touch has come upon us there is a season of weeping and spi Download
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Blood Upon Dry Land

December 25, 2005 - One of the ways God witnesses to the lost is through the change He makes in our lives. The very testimony of Christ in us will be a voice crying out to them. We as children of God are to take the promises of God and begin to speak what Download
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Everything is Servant to the Word of God

January 01, 2006 '“ God speaks and His words are backed up with a creative power to put in motion the very words He has spoken. The very breath of Gods words are air put into divine motion and has the complete ability to make the truth of Gods promises a Download
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First Commandment With a Promise

This message deals with honoring your parents. Download
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How to Thrive in the Famine

December 4, 2011 '“ God brings us into a place of promise to provide for us and protect us. How do the people of God thrive in the midst of a famine? When Gods people declare that we will live for the purposes of God we will experience supernatural provis Download
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The Last Man Standing

onging for Him '“ He sets before us an open door that no man can shut. This door is Jesus Himself and all His resources and sustenance is our in abundance. Jesus will write His name upon all who seek Him with all their heart and there will be a visible ev Download
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Understanding Spiritual Authority (Part 2): The Purpose and the Limits of Authority

November 2, 2005 - This is a teaching about righteous and unrighteous authority and the principals of action we must follow to deal with the situation. Humility and a non argumentative attitude is much needed in these particular situations. Download
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Understanding Spiritual Authority (Part 3): The Greatest Faith in Israel

November 6, 2005 - The spoken word of the scriptures has the same force of authority of the God who said 'œlet there be light'. When we place ourselves under the authority of Gods word our eyes are open to see and know the power of the spoken word of God Download
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The Word of God

How important is it to read the Word of God? How often should we read it? Should it have a priority in our lives? In this sermon, you will discover not only just how important it is to read God's Word, but that we should also be hungering and thirsting af Download