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Fellowship Weekend 2002

Fellowship Weekend 2002
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Revelation's Timeless Doctrines

This is the first message in a series of studies on the book of Revelation, focusing more on practical issues than prophecy. The series focuses on the Download
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Revelation's Timeless Doctrines

This message continues the study of Revelation with an examination of two peoples, two worlds, two cities, and two spirits. In the last days, there will be only two options. We will all be part of one or the other. Download
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Revelation's Timeless Doctrines

The American church has been deluded into thinking that it will be spared all of the end-time troubles. This message continues the study in Revelation by considering the two women, two reapings, and two judgements. Download
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We are living in an age of compromise. Where are the prophets who will unwaveringly proclaim the truth? Many are giving in to the pressures of society or religious systems. Are you going to stand against the tide? Download