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Marriage, Courtship And Marriage

Before courtship and marriage to an earthly spouse, one must first be married to Christ. There is a rich blessing on a marriage founded in this order. Download
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Rejoice With The Wife Of Thy Youth

A message delivered to couples at the 1991 Couples Night. Denny outlines the seven commitments necessary to build a solid marriage found in Proverbs 5:16-19. Download
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The Leader And His Wife

Husbands love your wives! This is one of the most practical messages on the subject of husbands loving their wives. Every husband who wants to walk with God needs to listen to this message. This is not just for leaders! Download
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Practical Principles For A Godly Marriage

The sanctity and permanency of marriage is upheld, giving much practical advice to married couples. A good tape for wives whose husbands are not giving spiritual direction in the home. Download
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The Testimony of Your Marriage

Wives, do you submit to your husbands as unto the Lord? Husbands, do you really love your wives like Christ loves the Church? Does your relationship reveal the love of Jesus to your children? Download
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The Husband Is a Loving Savior

A husband should relate to his wife in the same way that Christ relates to His bride, the church. This message discusses many practical ways to do this, drawing lessons from Ephesians 5. A good message for a man whose marriage is suffering. Download
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Godly Weddings

What does a Godly wedding look like? Who should be involved in the process of planning a wedding? Brother Mose gives Biblical principles and practical advice to all who are involved in planning and preparing a God-honoring, Christ-centered wedding. Download