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Leadership Seminar 2006

Leadership Seminar 2006
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On to Perfection

Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrines of Christ, let us go on to perfection. In this introductory message, Brother Mose touches on the areas that hinder some of God's children from going on to perfection, and how to overcome them. Download
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On to Sanctification

There are many ways God works sanctification in our individual lives. We can't put it into a box or on a diagram. He works His part in our lives but we all have our part to do also. The bottom line Download
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On to Conditional Security

Unconditional or conditional security. What does the Bible really say about the possibility of a Christian walking away from God? This message is an honest look at this issue using scriptures in context. Download
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Evaluating Godly Music (Part 1)

Is my music pleasing to Jesus? God created music for His glory and our benefit. He gave man the building blocks of music, but we can use them to write good music or evil music. Download
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The Blueprint of Your Home

Fathers, make a blueprint for your home. Be deliberate in providing spiritual and practical guidance to your family. The speaker uses a physical blueprint to help fathers identify key areas in which they need to direct their homes. Download
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Soul Idolatry

A probing look at personal idolatry based on 1 John 2:16. This message makes striking comparisons between the three main gods of the Canaanites and the idols of desire that we face today. Download