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Hymn Sing

Group, Family Singing and Sharing Download
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The Joyful Sound Versus Tension Music

Harold Dean Miller shows from his extensive research how music and morality are intertwined. Music feeds the spirit, soul or body depending on the kind of music we choose. Will we choose the joyful sound or tension music? Download
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Practical Applications to Music

Discusses the principles governing right music. The biblical pattern for music found in Ephesians 5 and Colossians 3 is outlined. These principles are illustrated by specific songs. Download
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Recognizing the New Song

This message follows #3476 and is an education in recognizing good and bad music. The gospel of Jesus Christ and entertainment do not go together. Learn to recognize whether what you, your family and church are singing is of worth to the Lord. Download
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Evaluating Godly Music (Part 1)

Is my music pleasing to Jesus? God created music for His glory and our benefit. He gave man the building blocks of music, but we can use them to write good music or evil music. Download