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Practical Christian Living

Practical Christian Living
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The Dangers of the Christian Radio (Original Sermon)

The Scripture commands us to test all things, holding fast to the good and abstaining from the evil. Denny takes a look at a typical afternoon of Christian radio. Various areas of radio programming and their influence are examined. Download
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Life Changing Choices

A number of life changing choices are looked at in the Scripture. Many who were making these simple decisions did not realize they were making life changing choices. This message will cause one to seriously consider making the right choices. Download
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How Can I Discern The Will Of God?

God desires for us to know His will. Seven simple guidelines are given to aid one in biblically discerning the will of God for our lives. This message is a must for those preparing to make major decisions in their life. Download
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Why I Don't Have A Television

This message is a wake-up call to those who believe that the TV is harmless, or that it can be controlled. Many scriptures are used to show that the majority of the things presented on television are detrimental and offensive to God. Download
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Living on Purpose

This is a message of getting past living for ourselves, and learning to live for the Glory of God. If I am living a life centered on Download