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Youth Bible School 2003

Youth Bible School 2003
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Youth Testimonies (Part 1)

Short testimonies given by various youth who attended Bible School 2003. There are testimonies of salvation, as well as other issues that God dealt with this year. There are also testimonies of a victorious walk with God since Bible School last year. Download
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Youth Testimonies (Part 2)

Continued from #3216. Download
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An Unchangeable Priesthood

The law is only a shadow of things to come. We are powerless to save ourselves by the works of the law but Jesus Christ is the surety of our salvation. He is the high priest of a new and better covenant Who intercedes for us at the Father's right hand. Download
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Enduring Prayer Warriors

In our youth we must learn to be enduring prayer warriors. There will be times when we feel like quitting, but God calls us to persevere in prayer. Bring your body under subjection. God will then be able to use you! Download
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Submission and Humility

It is essential that we learn to humble ourselves and submit to authority. Even Jesus was subject to authority. When we learn these things God pours grace into our lives and we are enabled to live a victorious life; one that brings honor to Christ. Download
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To See the Living God

David Cooper presents a majestic picture of God through the first chapter of Ezekiel. God's glory and splendor upon His throne is beautifully described. He challenges us that one day we will stand before that awesome God. Are we ready? Download
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Vessels Fit for the Masters Use

Aaron Hurst presents to us a plea to be made a clean, spotless vessel Download
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Assurance of Salvation

This is a beautiful message lifting up Jesus. Assurance of salvation comes when we focus on what Christ has already done. Our faith in Christ's finished work on the cross is essential to our salvation. Download