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Christian Character

Christian Character
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The Incredible Strength of Knowing God's Joy

Another stirring sermon from Pastor Conlon, this time He takes us through many Scriptures including an exposition on the parable of the prodigal son that will greatly encourage and strengthen the listener in the joy of the Lord. Download
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The Indisputable Evidence of A Great Church

September 19, 2010 - What makes a church great? Is it the worship? Baptism of the Holy Spirit? Prophecy? Faith to move mountains? These are all good things but God's call for greatness is higher. If we dont have the love of God all these things count for Download
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The Joy of Preaching Your Own Funeral

Before we surrendered our lives to Christ we were dead in our sin. The only way to be free from this sin is to die to our old way of living. Jesus Christ died for us and when we came to Christ we were baptized in this death. The Bible says, "he that is de Download
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The Key to Unlocking the Provision of God

December 13, 2009 - God chooses an incredible strategy to release His provision. God will feed His people and then use the people He feeds to feed others. Before God can use us and pour His provision through us He must see a core value in our character. W Download
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The Quarrel of God's Covenant

May 29,2005 - God gives a warning to Israel and the same warning can be applied to us today. If you take lightly the Lords presence and if you begin to dabble in and out of obedience and disobedience so that you develop a warped sense of what it means to Download
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The Seven Churches of Revelation

This is a powerful message about the church of Laodicea and much of the Western church of this day. The message is centered on the verses between Revelation 3:14 to 3:22 Carter also uses verses from Mark chapter 4 to show the disciples fearfulness and lac Download
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The Testimony Of An Honest Man

Carters main point in this message is that when people come to Christ, they come as honest people, admitting who they really are. Two of Carters examples were people that had failed. One was the high priest Joshua, standing before the throne of God in fil Download
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The Things Which Must Be Hereafter

July 09, 2006 '“ When heaven is revealed to us we will begin to notice the tradgedy that awaits the unsaved and a cry comes into our heart for every lost soul. Jesus Christ wil write a testimony is us that wil cause men to be turned from hell to heaven.Go Download
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The Value of a Righteous Man

June 18, 2006 '“ The restraing of evil is found in the presence of the Holy Spirit. We are the temple of thre Holy Spirit and God's presence in our life is a restrainer of evil. When we choose to walk in right relation with God distresses and judgments ca Download
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The Violent Overthrow of God's House

You have never heard the tabernacle of the Lord explained as you will here. From Matthew 21 where Jesus overthrew the tables and ran the moneychangers out of the temple, to 2nd Chronicles 6 and 7 when Solomon built the temple and dedicated it, the purpose Download
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Voices In The Coming Storm

Carter starts this message out at Isaiah 24:10 where the word speaks of a hard time that is to come. He uses this verse then different verses\ with the disciples in boats during storms to show the need of having to learn a lesson of faith. In this message Download
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When God Sends Leanness Into The Soul

This sermon speaks of how God sends leanness into the lives of Christians when they wont rest in what his direction is for their lives. Carter illustrates, through various scriptures, how Christians find themselves in dry places because they are not conte Download
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When God Takes Away Familiar Things

This message is about the need to not depend on circumstances in our lives staying the same and putting our future in the hands of God. Carter points out that a Christians life of self denial involves continuous change and that it is important not to rely Download
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When Prayer Touches Glory

There is a real spiritual battle when a Christian tries to pray. Even the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. As they listened to the Lord pray to his Father, something stirred them about how Jesus prayed, the intimacy Jesus had with the Fath Download
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When The Enemy Comes In Like a Flood

This world is being flooded with sin and abomination by a devil intent on destroying and carrying away everyone he can, especially those who have a love for Jesus Christ in their heart and have his Spirit inside them. These are they who are crying out to Download
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Why Do Some Battles Never Go Away?

January 7, 2007 - For what reason would God allow a battle to remain in my life over which He could give me the victory in a moment of time? The devil will try to captivate us and attempt to convince us that the battles we face are bigger than the Christ Download
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Beginning with Paul's tearful warning in Acts 20:28-31, about grievous wolves entering in and even rising up from among the church at Ephesus itself, Pastor Conlon delivers a powerful sermon on wolves among the church of Jesus Christ and how to tell who t Download