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Christian Character

Christian Character
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Peace be unto You

A message from John 20: 19-31 for a fearful and unbelieving Christianity that does not understand the phenomenon of resurrection. Appropriate for all those who are going to experience terrifying things in the Last Days. Download
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Prophetic Reality versus Fantasy

How do we distinguish between the false and the true prophet as both use Scripture to validate their position? The fate of Israel was at stake in Jeremiahs time'”and so also today. Art shows that the false prophets were themselves deceived about their kno Download
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The Pursuit of Wisdom

From the life of Daniel, Art examines where he obtained his wisdom, and why it could be recognized by a pagan civilization. Download
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What if..?

Art raises the questions that few are courageous enough to ask, namely, the actual truth of our condition before God. Do we see ourselves as God sees us or are we satisfied with our own subjective assessment of ourselves? And where does that leave us if w Download
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(1 Peter - Part 11): Wherefore, Gird Up Your Minds and be Sober

This teaching is on the need for Christians to live a disciplined life. To seek after righteousness, faithfulness, and truth. And to not live complacent christian lives as many do. Download
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(1 Peter - Part 12): As Obedient Children

This lesson is on the necessity of obedience in a Christian life. Also how as Christians following God we can be much happier than not following God. Download
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(1 Peter - Part 18): On Laying Aside Certain Things

'œOn Laying Aside Certain Things' is part 18 of Pastor A. W. Tozers delightful, 34-part series based upon Peters first epistle. The message was preached in Chicago, Illinois, on January 24, 1954, and it addresses 1 Peter 2:1-3, as well as 1 Peter 1:23-25 Download
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A Plea For Moral Purity

Carter Carter gives a solemn but very practical and heart-felt message on this needful subject. A pleasure measure society needs a pure church to give them a message of hope. We cannot have impurity and not suffer consequences and a lack of fruitfulness i Download
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A Source of Joy that Can Not Be Overcome

July 30, 2006 '“ We are living in a time when superficial joy will dissipate. Christians who have a wrong focus on Jesus will never experience true joy. God has a prescribed order in the way we should seek Him and serve Him. Our seeking God has to be divi Download
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A Word For Those Who Feel Like Quitting

October 3, 2010 - You might say you started your walk with the Lord with such optimism and all of a sudden you are fighting wars within and wars without. You know the battle is fierce and in and of yourself you have no power to get through your situation. Download
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An Open Door

January 17, 2010 - God opens a door that no man can shut and closes a door that no man can open. God will open up a door and if we choose to walk through it He will shut the door to our past and all of our enemies. Nobody can catch us from behind when God Download
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Breaking The Heart Of Obedience

January 10, 2010 - Have you ever asked yourself why do things have to change? We are all resistant to change especially when it involves what we perceive to be hardship or loss to ourselves or someone we love. There is nothing in us that wants to gravitat Download