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Able to Admonish

A clear, point by point teaching on how to give and receive rebukes in the brotherhood. Not only is it a Download
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Able to Admonish One Another

To be able to admonish one another is a mark of a spiritual body of Christ. This message is full of teaching on giving and receiving reproof and admonition, to the end that we may be wise! Download
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It's Time to Seek the Lord

A message to the local congregation encouraging a posture of faith as they approach a week of meetings. We need to seek the Lord, not at a time of falling away, but as preventative measures to maintain the purity and strength of the church. Download
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The Conscience of Man

There is a connection between our conscience and the work of God in our lives. Brother Emanuel gives an in-depth teaching on what the conscience is, what the conscience can become and what the conscience does. Download
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Who Are You Denying

In America you can live the Download