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Home & Family

Home & Family
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Wisdom From A King

This is a duplicate of Index #1119 Download
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Changing The Heart Of A Rebel

Do you have a rebel in your home? Do you have the makings of a future rebel in your home? This message very clearly details how to win the heart of a rebel and also how to keep from developing rebels in the home. This is a life changing message. Download
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Raising Up Godly Seed

Beginning with building a relationship with our children to guiding them through life until they get married, Bro. Denny gives many helpful points and clear direction in helping to raise godly families. Download
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Wives, Reverence Your Husbands

A woman can be a great influence on her husband, in either a positive or a negative way. This message examines the role of a wife from a well-balanced, biblical viewpoint. Download
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The Holy Art Of Spanking Our Children

This is an excellent message on the proper use of the rod in child discipline. While it gives practical teaching on the right methods of spanking, it also clearly shows the purpose of discipline, which deals with the spirit and soul of the child. Download
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How Do I Prepare? (Part 1)

Putting action into our vision. Bro. Denny stresses the importance of being under authority and of moral purity before marriage. Download
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Father Is a Priest

Men are responsible for the spiritual leadership in their homes. They need to train them to walk in God's ways, and offer them to Him for His service. The children will reap the blessings of the land that their parents have conquered. Download
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Father Is an Elder

Every father should be the pastor of his home. God uses the home as a training ground for ministry in the church. This messaged details many of the functions of ministry which should be taking place in the home. Download