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Home & Family

Home & Family
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Father Is a Gentle Man

Many men today lack gentleness. They think they must prove their manliness by being tough or macho. This message shows from the Scripture that men need to be gentle leaders of their families. A child's view of God is shaped by his view of his father. Download
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The Leader and His Youth

Direction is given on how a father should guide and direct the young people in the home. Practical examples are given on communicating and discipling the youth in the home. Download
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The Leader and His Home

Practical teaching and applications for fathers and husbands on how to raise a family for God. Topics covered include exhibiting humility, discipling our children, husband/wife communications and preparation for leadership. Download
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The Leader and His Wife

Practical applications and direction for husbands on cultivating a spirit-filled marriage. Issues covered include humility, communication, moral purity, forgiveness and repentance. Download
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Inter-Family Relationships

Strife! Is this terrible sin a part of our lives? How is it in our homes? Learn from examples taken from the Bible. Only as we look at strife as the Bible defines it can we have victory. Includes a list of do's and don'ts for our homes. Download
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The Defeated Father

This message is taken from the life of David and other fathers. Are you defeated? If so, why? You will be encouraged to take a look at the root causes of defeat and how to walk in victory. Download
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More Than Obed-Edom

What makes a strong family? Brother Rick covers some major points necessary to having a home where God can abide. A home where there is revival, a home that is blessed beyond the home of Obed-edom, a home that is a little bit of Heaven on earth. Download
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The Blueprint of Your Home

Fathers, make a blueprint for your home. Be deliberate in providing spiritual and practical guidance to your family. The speaker uses a physical blueprint to help fathers identify key areas in which they need to direct their homes. Download
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Sculpturing the Souls of Our Children

As parents, and particularly mothers, we are continually shaping the souls of our children. There can be no higher calling than this. The world will pass away and with it the sculpture's work, but our children's souls will live on for eternity. Download
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How to Say No to Your Son

In this fourth message of a series, Brother Rick continues addressing critical issues of the father and son realationship especially training and restraining. Much of the session is devoted to answering real-life questions from both fathers and sons. Download