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Almost Persuaded

Beginning in Acts 26, where Paul is testifying before Festus and King Agrippa, about his conversion on the road to Damascus, Pastor Conlon contrasts the difference between the testimony meeting that will take place in hell, of those who knew, and disregar Download
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Evicting Uzziah

September 7, 2008 - We are living in a time when men and women who say they know God are pushing themselves into places that God has not ordained for them. When human effort and human reasoning take us to the end of ourselves God will visit us by His Holy Download
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I Will Never Draw Back My Hand

God told Abraham everywhere he walked the land would be given him, and his seed. Where ever we walk in the Word of God, when we begin to see the promises of God through the eyes of faith and realize they are for us, personally, things will begin to change Download
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It's Time To Call Off The Party

This is not what you think. This message is a real treat and eye-opener. So, be sure to have a pen and paper handy to jot down the other scriptures. When Samson stood captive in the presence of the Philistines and they mocked and laughed at him, now blind Download
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Killing Lazarus

May 22,2005 - The message from Lazarus is this 'œJesus gave me LIFE'. The moment the life of Christ is seen upon you and in you- you will find yourself in a trial of suffering of the mockings and anger of the rage of the unsaved attacking the Christ in y Download
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The Coming Revival of the Joshua Priesthood

September 03, 2006 '“ This is a message for those who are spirtually dicouraged.For those who are in a place where our life and ministry has been brought to a standstill. Satan has formed an argument against the completeness of Christ and against the cert Download
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The Devil's Nightmare

Pastor Conlon begins in Matthew 21:19-22 on faith, and overcoming obstacles that hinder our victory. God wants us to come to him for the Holy Ghost as a people that will not be denied, that will rise up in faith and lay hold on the promises God has made, Download
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The Table and the Cross

March 1, 2009 - Our fallen nature can cause us to form an image of ourselves that doesn't represent Christ. The church that forms a false image will not endure when hard times come and they will abandon the journey of Christ to follow their own agenda. Go Download
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When Judgment Returns to Righteousness

September 11, 2005 - The world will be judged on a specific day, but for the church of Jesus Christ judgment has already begun. The judgment that is now in the church is not to condemn us , rather it is to return us to righteousness and to make us more li Download