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Dean Taylor

Dean Taylor
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Broken Clock Salvation Bro. Dean warns against the theological Christianity that is so prevelant in our modern time. Christianity is a life, not just a set of doctrines. True faith will produce works. Has your faith affected every area of your life? Youth Bible School 2009 Exposing False Doctrines Download
The Poor Ye Have With You Always Youth Bible School 2009 Love Download
Separated Unto God We are to be separated unto God, not merely separated from the world. Dean teaches that everything in our lives should be Youth Bible School 2009 Consecration Download
The Kingdom Now and Not Yet Salvation is not about us; it's about God. We are to be a living, breathing demonstration of the Gospel. What will you do with Jesus' words? Youth Bible School 2009 Christian Life Download
When God Refuses to Answer Does it seem like your prayers are not being heard? The Bible tells us that there are times when God refuses to answer prayer. This sermon examines several of the things that will hinder our relationship with God. Men's Leadership Seminar 2010 Sin Download