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Kent Hovind

Kent Hovind
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Gaining control In the Classroom Whether public, Christian or private schools, if you want to learn techniques that can help you regain control of your classroom. This audio gives you some valuable resources to help. Church The Church Download
Schools teaching kids to reject Bible Parents and Students need to be made aware of the anti-Christian teachings that have been placed into the schoolbooks, dont miss this message my Christian friends. Church The Church Download
How to teach CREATION in schools This audio shows how teachers in public schools can still teach creation in the classroom, and covers some laws on the books that can protect your right to teach creation. Creation Teaching Download
How did Noah's flood happen? a theory The King James Bible teaches that the entire earth was flooded in the times of Noah, sceptics have wondered how this could have happened and what is the proof, get the answers you need in this audio, a humorous and educational presentation. Judgements Warnings Download