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Youth Bible School 2009

Youth Bible School 2009
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Testimonies from the youth who attended the Bible School. Included are testimonies of salvation and commitments to the Lord that occurred during the Youth Bible School week. Download
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The Faithfulness of God

In this message, we see the incredible faithfulness of God. We can have Download
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Definition of Faith

What is faith? True faith involves trusting God for who He is Download
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God's Estimate of Faith

Our faith is estimated very highly by God. He says that without it we cannot please Him. Our faith cannot be separated from its object. We must look to Christ, as in the account of the snake on the pole. Download
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Gospel Symphony

What if Jesus really meant every word He said? Are you applying the Word of God to your life, or are you applying your life to the Word of God? Dean explains how our lives can be a living symphony of His glory. Download
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Broken Clock Salvation

Bro. Dean warns against the theological Christianity that is so prevelant in our modern time. Christianity is a life, not just a set of doctrines. True faith will produce works. Has your faith affected every area of your life? Download
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Separated Unto God

We are to be separated unto God, not merely separated from the world. Dean teaches that everything in our lives should be Download
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The Kingdom Now and Not Yet

Salvation is not about us; it's about God. We are to be a living, breathing demonstration of the Gospel. What will you do with Jesus' words? Download
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The Kingdom in Possessions

A refreshing look at Jesus' teaching concerning earthly treasures and heavenly treasures. Definitely a Download
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The Kingdom in Peace

The worst compromise that the church made in all history was when they lost the true gospel of peace. Will you follow the Download
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The Deception of Sin and the Power of Christ

Have you surrendered to Christ, but held back a little? Is there a small sin at the bottom of your heart that you are unwilling to confess? Sin can never be justified. We can hide nothing from God. Freedom is only found in forsaking all sin for Christ. Download