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Insights Into The True Nature Of Human Authority

All of us have human authorities that we must relate to. Submitting to the authorities that God has placed in our lives will result in freedom. We must first learn to be under authority before we can properly be in authority. Download
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Submission and Humility

It is essential that we learn to humble ourselves and submit to authority. Even Jesus was subject to authority. When we learn these things God pours grace into our lives and we are enabled to live a victorious life; one that brings honor to Christ. Download
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The School of Christ for David

There is one watchword that covers all of David's life: preparation. God has a special school to put each one of us through. God used normal circumstances and his authorities to move David along into God's will for his life. Download
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(1 Peter - Part 23): The Christians Relation to Government

True to its title, this 23rd message of A. W. Tozers 34-part study on Peters first epistle explores 'The Christians Relation to Government.' The words of 1 Peter 2:13-16 testify that human government is of divine order. However, Dr. Tozer debunks a myth Download
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The Authority of Christ

nd so aware that all their claims to devotion had failed. Yet how patient God is, and Mr Washer expounds the blessed promises concerning the smoking flax and bruised reed. He then says that much of todays preaching takes away from the glory of Christ, bec Download