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Women's Roles

Women's Roles
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The Hidden Woman

Where can you find a virtuous woman? A call for wives to find their fulfillment in being a helpmeet to their husbands. Download
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Honorable Motherhood

Raises motherhood to a high and honorable place. Discusses the power and influence of a mother. This message will cause young ladies to covet the place of motherhood. A good complementary message to The Hidden Woman. Download
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Motherhood, The Highest Place Of Honor

The virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 was a mother! An uplifting look at motherhood as found in Proverbs 31. An excellent message of inspiration for women who have committed themselves to be a keeper at home. Download
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The Influence Of A Woman

God uses people to influence others. In this short message we see how women of the Bible were an influence in the lives of their husbands and children Download
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Daughters Of Sarah

Abraham was not perfect, but Sarah trusted God and submitted herself to her husband. We, as wives, are her daughters when we put our trust in God and have a heart of submission and reverence toward our husbands. From that heart will flow right actions. Download
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Beyond Obedience

How can men help but be godly men when their wives and daughters are in their rightful place? This message encourages women to honor, defer to, reverence, prefer, esteem, respect, and value their husbands; to go beyond obedience. Download
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The Ministry of Motherhood

This message uses the example of Jochebed, the mother of Moses, to lift up the role of motherhood to its rightful place. A godly mother will influence the destiny of her children more than almost anything else. Download
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Widows and Slaves Indeed

Art addresses the little understood subject of what constitutes a true widow and the place of slavery in Paul's time, as applicable now as it was then. There is an understanding beyond what our natural eye sees, and it is into this realm that God wants to Download