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Christian Life

Christian Life
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Escape to the Mountain

All through scripture, throughout the lives of various saints, the call to come up to the mountain to let him reveal his heart to you. Spiritual laziness and prayerlessness will lead to the loss of passion for Christ and the inability to feed the sheep fr Download
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Finding Life Beyond The Grave

April 12, 2009 - There are a lot of people who want to hear the truth about Jesus but they don't want to embrace that truth. God offers a personal relationship to all who desire Him with a sincere heart. When you come with a sincere heart the first thing Download
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Intimacy with God

October 19, 2008 - In every person's heart there is a need for true intimacy. God the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life so we can have intimate access to God. We were created for intimacy with a living God. Some people go through thei Download
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The Candlestick - Ephesus

Pastor Conlon illustrates how losing our love for the Lord will cost us, and what it will cost us. If you ave lost the loev for Christ you will not serve him joyfully, but out of duty or habit. This is a must hear message for those who have let their love Download
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The Eye of the Needle

November 4, 2007 - Jesus offers us not just a future hope but a present reality. Some of us have a present trust while we seek a future hope. God calls us to give up our present trust and walk with Him. What are you trusting in that keeps you locked out o Download
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The Power To Speak With a New Tongue

September 8, 2005 - Receiving the Holy Spirit is conditional. Being in one accord and obeying God brings us into a place where God can speak to any area in our life and we would be quick to agree with Him. As we agree with God the Holy Spirit will come up Download
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The Unpredictable Pathway of the Spirit

November 22, 2009 - There is a cry in this message that says, 'œDont be willing to live in mediocrity when the power of Heaven is at your disposal'. The Spirit of God will overshadow all our weaknesses when we choose to let God be God in us. The natural Download
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The Willingness to Love

December 14, 2008 - It's not easy to love people. How can we love people the way Christ loves us? Loving others is hopeless unless we abide in Christ and allow Him to do through us what we cannot do for ourselves. It has to be Christ in us - the newness o Download
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Understanding Spiritual Authority (Part 1): What is Aaron That You Murmur Against Him?

October 23, 2005 - Aaron was grafted into the body to supply a lack. The failure to acknowledge Aaron was a failure to bend the knee and acknowledge God. The inability to acknowledge ministry leaders in the place where God has placed them in the body is r Download