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Christian Life

Christian Life
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Lessons From the Trailhead

This sermon is based on lessons learned from a trip to the Rocky mountains. There are times when we need to be satisfied with frozen buds. It is important to be content in the path that God has chosen for you. Download
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The Light of the World

God's mercy is shown to us in many ways: forgiveness, peace, cleansing, justification, victory over sin, rest for our souls, and joy in our lives. A right response would be a heart of thankfulness and an outflowing of joy as salt and light in this world. Download
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Prepared for Your Life Calling

This is a very exciting and interactive message encouraging us to prepare ourselves for service in God's Kingdom. Many different aspects are brought out concerning how to be an open vessel ready and fit to be used by God. Download
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Free Indeed

Jesus taught that He can make your free indeed. Indeed means without any question Download
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Overcoming Evil With Good

An exposition on Romans 12:9-21. The theme of Download