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Character Of God

Character Of God
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The Nature of God (High Quality)

God speaks to each generation in terms of their specific need, but He also speaks in terms of eternal principles. Download
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(Missions Conference Shoals) - Part 2

How does a just and holy God forgive sin? For sin is an abomination to the Lord and His very nature demands justice be served. Come and rejoice in a loving Saviour who was willing to drink the cup of God's wrath in our place and be crushed for our transgr Download
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(Missions Conference Shoals) - Part 5

Here Paul reiterates God's love for the believer. He shows us how we are not only saved by His sacrifice, but we've been given His very Life, His righteousness. He also admonishes us to guard our hearts from the world, for we are zealously and purely love Download
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(Missions Conference Shoals) - Part 6

Paul continues his teachings on God's love, but with an emphasis on our response. He teaches how God has chosen us to be a revelation to His creation of His love and glory. How precious our relationship is to Him. Are you passionately in love with Him? Ar Download
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The Knowledge of God

Paul Washer begins this conference address by saying that the most frightening thing he knows is to teach a group of people on the attributes of God. As Jeremiah says, it is 'œThus saith THE LORD' - not men - regarding what is essential in life and what Download
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The Greatness of God

“The Greatness of God” is a moving, philosophical message. The eloquent A. W. Tozer fashions vivid imagery to dramatize how infinitely far above all is God, and issues a warning of profound importance: “The god of the average Evangelical church is t Download
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The Voice of Conscience

One of the devil's tricks is to bring his own people into religious debates. From these "dialogs," we get a 'redefining" of God's Word. We get a "redefinition" of sin. We get a redefinition of Truth. There is even a redefinition of the voice of the consci Download
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The Voice of God's Love

The Earth is a lost world and humans are a lost people. But we're not "lost" because God doesn't know where we are. Rather all creation "groans" under the burden of sin and we are lost because of it. In spite of that, however, God's voice constantly calls Download
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The Voice of Gods Judgement

According to Dr. Tozer, Christians have a tendency to hold fast to one truth at the expense of another. Then, after a time, someone comes along and preaches the forgotten Truth -- as Martin Luther did with the doctrine of justification by faith. He was fi Download