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Character Of God

Character Of God
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The Righteous Judgment of Almighty God

God's justice is a balancing of the scales, the application of moral equity to a moral situation. It is not only negative, but also positive. Download
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The Divine Perfections of God's Love (Part 1)

God is benevolent to what He created. We dwell under a friendly sky. Even the lost man receives life and breath from God. There is no greater display of God's perfections than His love in redeeming man. Download
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The Divine Perfections of God's Love (Part 2)

God felt compassion for our need and stooped down in pity to meet it. His mercy did not begin at Calvary, but it led Him there. His grace is seen in that He turns to look on us with favor and shines His face upon us. Download
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The Humility of God

God is humble in His essential being. This attribute is clearly seen in Jesus' incarnation, life, and death. We can only be humble when we are in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Download
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History is a story of God's mercy and continual work in bringing men back into restoration. Through the Word of God and the prophets He was continually calling men to Himself. His mercy was often shown to those who called on His name. Download
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We need a clear understanding of the holiness of God. God is holy, and He must be the standard by which we measure our lives. Because of Who God is, He desires us to be a holy people unto Himself, separate and set apart to God. Download
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The Holiness of God

God is first and foremost holy. The angels cry, Download
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The Faithfulness of God

In this message, we see the incredible faithfulness of God. We can have Download
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Our Gentle Shepherd

God is not a harsh Father, but a loving, gentle Shepherd. He has compassion for us and cares for us, and He longs to have an intimate relationship with us. Download