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Character Of God

Character Of God
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The Battle for Life (2 of 2)

An in-depth understanding of the phenomenon of anointing as the communication and imparting of the life of God. The basis for anointing is found in one place only in fellowship with the sufferings of Christ Download
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The Compassion of God

The issue of mercy, not as an exertion of the moment, but what we are through and through is the thing that God is after in the Church'”the word made flesh. Who are the 'œservants' whose pity for Israels ruins releases the Lord to rise up and have compas Download
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The Knowledge of God

The true knowledge of God is everything, and God is known primarily in His covenant relationship to Israel and His acts toward her. Art contends that this knowledge is different from any kind of speculative pondering on the character traits of God. Download
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Attributes of God (Series 1): A Journey into the Heart of God

God is not subject to any limits. He cannot be contained within space. He cannot be measured because measurements describe boundaries. God has no boundaries. Because God is infinite, every attribute that describes Him is also infinite. [i]Topics: The Jour Download
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Attributes of God (Series 1): God's Goodness

God is kind, cordial, benevolent, and full of good will toward us. He has only the best in mind for us. It is by the foolishness of our own rebellion that we do not receive the benefits of that goodness. Gods goodness is the only valid reason underlying a Download
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Attributes of God (Series 1): God's Immanence and Immensity

There isnt any place where God is not, thus His immanence. All things have their being in God, and God loves them and keeps them. Why then are we so afraid to trust Him? Why do we rely on things so much smaller than God? Only God can satisfy the soul crea Download
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Attributes of God (Series 1): God's Omnipresence

God is everywhere. Everything in the universe originated in spirit, flows out of spirit, in essence is spiritual, and is inhabited by the Spirit. His personal presence is everywhere real and perceptible to those who seek Him. That is the bliss of all mora Download
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Attributes of God (Series 1): God's Omnipresence and Immanence

A relationship with God can only be enjoyed to the degree that we are morally compatible with Him. Only by regeneration through trust in Christ can we have any of the necessary compatibility, and then only because we are given a measure of Gods character. Download
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Attributes of God (Series 1): The Grace of God

God bestows benefits and blessings on the underserving. No one can come into Gods divine favour except by grace. Grace always comes to us through Jesus Christ. No matter how big the inequity between ourselves and Gods righteousness, Gods grace is infinite Download
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Attributes of God (Series 1): the Holiness of God

Only the Holy Spirit can give us a sense of what holiness truly is. Gods holiness is beyond anything we can possibly conceive. Unholiness degrades and destroys Gods creation. Gods wrath is His intolerance of that degradation, and His preservation of what Download
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Attributes of God (Series 1): The Justice of God

Everything God does is right. He is the standard for what is right. Anything that conforms to the nature of God is good, anything that fails to do so is evil. God is compassionate because He is good, and goodness cannot exist apart from justice. [i]Topics Download