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Character Of God

Character Of God
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HIS Infinitude - Part 1

The first in three segments of A. W. Tozers message, 'œHIS Infinitude,' this is a contemplation of the unbounded and infinity, which no thing and no one is but the Trinity, God Almighty. The message is firmly grounded in 1 John 4:12-16, John 17:20-23, an Download
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HIS Infinitude - Part 2

The second of three parts to A. W. Tozers message, 'œHIS Infinitude,' looks at perfection, which no thing and no one has but God. Dr. Tozer boldly asserts that 'œGod takes pleasure in himself, and rejoices in his own perfections,' and the pastor cites t Download
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HIS Infinitude - Part 3

The conclusion of A. W. Tozers message, 'œHIS Infinitude,' is about Gods enthusiasm, and with much enthusiasm does the pastor preach it. When we behold the ebullient wonder of what God has made, 'œwe ought to stop thinking like a scientist and start thin Download
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A Word for those Who Want to Know God

March 19, 2006 '“ We are called to be a partaker in full measure of a victory that has already been conquered for us. Those who see the end from the beginning because of their deep desire to be separated from the world to glorify God will have their eyes Download
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Becoming Familiar with the Presence of God

February 14, 2006 '“ Over time familiarity comes into the heart and produces a loss of awe for the presence of God. The presence of God was bought with the Blood of Jesus as He endured the violence of the cross through a passionate love for humanity. May Download
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Finding the Hands of God

We are living in a generation where the church at large has lost sight of the true purposes and power of God. Many are seeking God for personal gain as opposed to the feeding the hungry. God is calling His church to reach out and touch His heart so that w Download
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Forever Dwelling in the Presence of God

God has a desire to dwell in the midst of his people and he wants us to desire to dwell in his presence as well. We can only faithfully represent him when we truly know him. If you are not actively, honestly seeking God, then you need to get down to busin Download
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Hearing the Voice of the Lord

Why cant we hear the voice of the Lord? One reason is that we dont have the mind of God and that is because we are not in the word of God. Secondly we are unwilling to hear what the Lord wants to speak to us. When we choose to deny ourself and live to glo Download
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Jesus Speak Clearly to Me

God is calling us to be one in heart and one in mind with what he purposed for His church to be here on earth. It doesn't matter how outwardly devoted we may appear to be God will move away from every pre occupied self consumed Christian. God forbid that Download
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Money, Mules and Travel

November 23, 2008 - In these last days we have to know the voice of God and the cry of God. Jesus longs to reveal Himself to His church and with that revelation will come the knowledge of His burden for the lost. If we desire to hear God's voice we have t Download
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Set Free From Shame

Have a pen and pad handy to take down the other scriptures Pastor Conlon goes through during this liberating message. He takes you through the Word of God and helps you see how when you came to Jesus, all your sins are forgiven, and you don't have to take Download
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Sing Praises with Understanding

June 26, 2005 - When the songs we sing to Jesus are infused with understanding and faith there is a spiritual transformation that happens in Gods people. The devil is not afraid of songs but when praise arises from an understanding mind and a believing he Download
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Surviving the Family Reunion

April 5, 2009 - How can people go to church for years and experience the presence of God only to remain in a state where their sin isn't covered? These are Christians who focus on material provision for the satisfying of their own desires. They are master Download