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Word Of God

Word Of God
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Scripture Memorization By Song

This is an a cappella recording of several passages of Scripture set to music and sung in four-part harmony. It is an excellent way to help you and your family memorize the Word of God. Download
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The Transforming Power of the Living Word

When our minds have been affected by entertainment and Satan's devices, what can we do? Be transformed by the renewing power of God. Our weapons against the enemy are prayer, worship, the Word of God, and the blood of Jesus. Download
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Birthing the Authentic

Everything that pertains to God's glory must be birthed from above. The birth of Jesus is the ultimate pattern of the advent of the authentic thing and it behooves us, therefore to understand the phenomenon of birth in all of its organic and painful suffe Download
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K-466 Agenda for Biblical People

Art explores the implications of a heavenly society lived out in the cultures of today, a kingdom that a dying mankind needs to see demonstrated before them. Circa 1979 message. Download
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On Reading the Scriptures

God has put before us the supreme privilege of a vicarious identification with the subject of the scriptures, namely, His redemptive work toward through and in Israel. And He wants us to enter into the experience of what is being described. Download