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Wives, Reverence Your Husbands

A woman can be a great influence on her husband, in either a positive or a negative way. This message examines the role of a wife from a well-balanced, biblical viewpoint. Download
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Godly Youth In Our Home

As parents we need to open our hearts to our youth if we truly want a flowing relationship. As we win their hearts and learn what they are thinking, it will enable us to guide them through life. An excellent tape for anyone desiring to have godly youth. Download
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The Tenth Commandment

The tenth commandment talks about a heart matter, something that the law could not touch. The other nine commandments can all be kept outwardly without an inward change. Download
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Enter Into Rest

The greatest insult to God is unbelief towards his promises to us and not resting in Him. Download
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Brokenness is an essential part of the Christian life. This profound message shows how God uses difficulties to humble us, break us, and make us usable. Download
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The Holy Art Of Spanking Our Children

This is an excellent message on the proper use of the rod in child discipline. While it gives practical teaching on the right methods of spanking, it also clearly shows the purpose of discipline, which deals with the spirit and soul of the child. Download
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Insights Into The True Nature Of Human Authority

All of us have human authorities that we must relate to. Submitting to the authorities that God has placed in our lives will result in freedom. We must first learn to be under authority before we can properly be in authority. Download
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The Aroma Of Christ

Is there a fragrance of Christ about you that others find attractive? Or do you exhibit an attitude that others find offensive? This convicting message compares the spirit of Christ with the spirit that is prevalent in many Christians today. Download
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Children's Lessons (Unedited)

Leon Zook 07-16-00, George Keyes 07-23-00, Dean Stump 07-30-00, Paul Lloyd 08-06-00, Emanuel Esh 08-13-00 Download
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Daughters Of Sarah

Abraham was not perfect, but Sarah trusted God and submitted herself to her husband. We, as wives, are her daughters when we put our trust in God and have a heart of submission and reverence toward our husbands. From that heart will flow right actions. Download