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The Depth of the Gospel - Part 2

From between the towering monoliths of Gods justice, and His mercy, a beleaguered and hungry pilgrim pleads from amongst the airy climbs of the gospels narrow pathway to the ambivalent travelers content upon lower, wider ways. He cries that others would c Download
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Unashamed of the Gospel Amidst Our Culture

Paul Washer uses examples from within his own denomination to reveal what is true of so many places that call themselves churches, with regard to (1) the ways in which Biblical and historical Christianity has been reduced to an impotent and empty creed, a Download
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The Voice of the Lost

oul finally realizing his irreversible predicament. Even in hell, he tried to reach out to others so they wouldn’t share his unspeakable fate. Dr. Tozer uses the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man to illustrate the Truth that a person’s final destinati Download
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The Voice of the Saved

What is the difference between being lost and being damned? Though the answer may surprise you, it is nevertheless obvious. And who are the voices of the saved? They are the voices of the redeemed – the victorious and the faithful – who cry out to all Download
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The Voice of the Soul

The Parable of the Rich Fool illustrates the inestimable worth of the soul as compared to everything else. Dr. Tozer uses Our Lord’s story to warn of covetness. It is the voice of the soul which cries out, “Don’t be so concerned with the things of t Download
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What Is It To Accept Jesus

Tozer speaks to the Evangelical church of his day about terms and methods used in salvation. Focusing on the phrase 'to accept Jesus' that is loosely thrown around in our circles. Download
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A witness tells about something he has seen, heard or experienced -- like a reporter giving an unvarnished account of an event. Witnessing has nothing to do with theology or philosophy. There is no "editorializing." In Acts 1:8, Jesus said that believers Download
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The Depth of His Riches

Erlo Stegen shows that in the Christian life through good times or hard times there is a depth of riches in Christ Jesus for every believer. Many stories, illustrations and examples are shown. This sermon is a very strong exhortation towards looking to ou Download