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Ye Shall Be Free Indeed!

Keith Daniel's shares the truth of the Bible that God desires to save men. He shows from scriptures the need for repentance on the behalf of men and God's heart breaking over lost men. He goes on to share 3 powerful stories of God's saving power to the lo Download
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Ye shall know them by their fruits

Keith Daniel gives many powerful stories and examples of those that had a true conversion experience and those that had false conversion experiences. True faith needs works with it, a tree must bear fruit with it. A powerful message that is needful to be Download
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Salvation is Revelation

Salvation includes more than the convincing of the mind, it is also revelation by the Holy Spirit. In I John 5:10 we read what ought to be our testimony: "He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness within himself." Download
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So Great Salvation

A full view of all that has been provided for us by the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Download
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(Missions Conference Shoals) - Part 3

A confronting word on true salvation and genuine conversion. Are you walking a life where the discipline of the Lord is evident? Has the powerful hand of God reached down and changed your heart? For some, it is an encouraging message of the intimate walk Download