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(True Disciple Conference) The Greatness of the Gospel

The Apostle is here declaring the gospel to believers, not the lost those who have already heard and received it. This shows that the gospel is not something learned in five minutes, after which we go on to '˜deeper things. The gospel of Jesus Christ is t Download
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An Unchanging Scandalous Gospel

Recorded at the HBC Missions Conference 2008. After introductory exhortations to up-coming preachers and evangelists, Paul Washer sets out to highlight some of the errors destroying modern-day evangelism. He also explains what should be preached, and how, Download
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Clarifying True Biblical Salvation (radio interview)

Rev. Paul Washer is an itinerant preacher and the General Director for HeartCry Missionary Society. Ingrid played excerpts of a message by Paul Washer that was preached to 5,000 young people at a Southern Baptist conference. Ingrid pointed out that the me Download
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Genuine Conversion

The name of God is blasphemed among unbelievers because of the ungodly lives of those who claim to be believers but are not. Given the Apostle Pauls command to believers to test themselves, Mr Washer uses Biblical truth to destroy the concept of the '˜Car Download
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The Crushing Of Christ

Paul Washer shares on the gospel message of Christ taking on the wrath of God for the lost world. This is a clear message of the Gospel and its focus and elevation of Christ alone. Amidst the shallow presentations of the gospel this message elevates the t Download