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Setting Fire to Satan's Harvest

May 21, 2006 '“ Satan is the master complainerand his desire is to plant a seed of discontentment in our heart. When we are not sarisfied with where God has placed us in the body we will by into the lie of the devil and begiin to complain against God. The Download
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The Last Letter Of Paul

In examiniing both books of Timothy, Paul exhorts a young and somewhat apprehensive Timothy to stand fast in the faith, and shares with Timothy what God has taught him in the ministry. Paul is aware his death is nearing, that he will be martryred for Jesu Download
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Salvation is by revelation

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. However if you are disobedient to the truth God speaks to you, hearing His truth profits you nothing. When the wise men enquired where the Christ was to be born, the scribes and pharisees told them correctly that it Download