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No Greater Truth (than the Gospel) - Part 1

When did salvation stop being enough? What does it truly mean to receive Jesus? Paul explains that the life of Jesus is not for Him to become an accessory in our life, but for Him to BE the very subsistence of our life. He encourages every believer to sto Download
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No Greater Truth (than the Gospel) - Part 2

It is finished indeed! A deep and thorough teaching on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Discover the meaning of justification, redemption and salvation. Rejoice in the only begotten Son's sacrifice and ascension. Come and be humbled by our Father's great love. Download
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The Gospel of Jesus Christ: A Burden for Young People

God gave Paul a special burden for the young people at this service. About 10 young people professed Christ within the days following this service. Many years later, about 5 of them were still living out that profession. Thus, Paul's warnings in this serm Download
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The True Gospel

Paul preached to about 700 youth at a VCY America Rally on 2/09/08. This is a similar presentation of the message brother Paul delivered many years ago to the youth and was never asked back. The truth of the Gospel brought a great soberness to the event a Download
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What Is The Gospel?

Most people in churches today have a false understanding of the Gospel. We associate it with things that are really the law. In this Sermon, Dr. Baucham discusses what the Gospel is "not" and what the Gospel "is". Download