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Paul Washer

Paul Washer
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2006 Heart-Cry - Journal Reading and Message Paul Washer shares his heart in humility with the affairs of running his missions organisation. Tremendous testimonies that will encourage you to press on in your individual christian life or ministry. Some very practical biblical helps and encouragements Living By Faith Finances Download
2006 Heart-Cry - Prayer Paul talks about Jesus Christ and how he prayed. He had thousands of sick people waiting to be healed, but what did Jesus do? He prayed. He could have said, I have so much work to do I have no time to pray...Paul Washer points out that we should pray BECA Prayer Prayer Download
2006 Heart-Cry - Question Answer Panel A time of Question and Answer at the Heart-Cry conference run by Paul Washer. Some good questions given and some good biblical answers delivered. It is worthwhile to listen in to some of these godly men answering from their years of experience. Question Answer Unclassified Download
A Biblical Pastor Part 1 (Tharptown Baptist Church) Paul Washer explains what an assembly should look for when seeking a pastor. Apostasy is so widespread that a pastor must be in total submission to Biblical truth. False prophets come in several forms, and apostasy is manifest in a variety of ways, so the Pastor The Church Download
A Biblical Pastor Part 2 (Tharptown Baptist Church) Paul Washer is explaining what an assembly should look for in a Godly pastor. Will the man point things out that need dealing with? Is he a servant of Jesus Christ, as well as of the sheep? What is his relationship with the word of God for himself ? Is hi Pastor The Church Download
A Cogent Call to Indigenous Missions Indigenous Missions Mission Work Download
A Holy Offering To God Offering Christian Character Download
A Living Sacrifice - Part 1 This message starts with a brief summary of what Mr Washer preached earlier in the week. Then, after exhorting fathers in the fulfilling of their Biblical responsibilities, he turns to Romans 12:1-2 where the apostle Paul urges us to give our lives away n Sacrifice Persecution Download
A Living Sacrifice - Part 2 Part 2 opens with one more example of presenting our bodies a living sacrifice: the dangers of dating. This is so rarely taught that something has to be said from a Biblical basis. Parents are not teaching their children their responsibilities, and the ch Sacrifice Persecution Download
A Message for Reformed Christian Rappers Rapping Music Download
A Sermon That Has Angered Many - Examine Yourself This sermon is a bible test of whether you are in the faith or not. He goes line by line in the text of 1 john that explains how you can tell if you are in the faith. I would suggest that every believer listen to this sermon. It is very encouraging to the Examination Communion Download
A Vision for Missions At the time of writing there have been only 371 downloads of this message, which is a great pity considering its content. Paul Washer is giving a presentation of the work of the HeartCry Missionary Society, and his message is an encouragement to believe t Missions Mission Work Download
A Young Man's Attitude Towards Women This message follows '˜Are You Ready For A Relationship? (found further down this page) and covers a wider range of issues than its title might first suggest. Paul Washer exposes the corruptions of our modern culture as he explains, from Biblical principl Young Men Youth Download
An Unchanging Scandalous Gospel Recorded at the HBC Missions Conference 2008. After introductory exhortations to up-coming preachers and evangelists, Paul Washer sets out to highlight some of the errors destroying modern-day evangelism. He also explains what should be preached, and how, Gospel Evangelism Download
Are You A True Disciple? (Faith Bible Church) After explaining what it really means to receive Christ, and to believe on his name, Paul Washer expounds an assortment of scriptures to show what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, and what are the evidences of being a true disciple. He warns tho Discipleship Discipleship Download
Are You on the Narrow Path? Narrow Way Exhortation Download
Are You Ready for a Relationship? You must earn the right to have a relationship with a
daughter of God. In this teaching session on Biblical
Manhood, Paul Washer explains what a young man must
be in order to consider beginning a relationship with
the opposite sex.
Biblical Manhood Home & Family Download
Are You Saved? True Conversion Evangelism Download
Arrepiéntase y Crea Spanish Mission Work Download
As You Go, Make Disciples Paul Washer expounds '˜The Great Commission, starting with four statements about the churchs obligation and authority under this commission. He then considers the men who first received this commission, and the necessity of their transformation at Penteco Discipleship Discipleship Download