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Mose Stoltzfus

Mose Stoltzfus
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Why I Don't Have A Television This message is a wake-up call to those who believe that the TV is harmless, or that it can be controlled. Many scriptures are used to show that the majority of the things presented on television are detrimental and offensive to God. Church Service Practical Christian Living Download
Compromise We are living in an age of compromise. Where are the prophets who will unwaveringly proclaim the truth? Many are giving in to the pressures of society or religious systems. Are you going to stand against the tide? Fellowship Weekend 2002 Exposing False Doctrines Download
Identifying the Enemy Spiritually destructive forces are everywhere. When we enter any circumstance unprepared, however innocent it may seem, we put ourselves at a grave risk of injury. We must be ready always, never retiring from our Christian armor. Youth Bible School 2002 Spiritual War Download
The Helmet of Salvation The Helmet of Salvation protects our minds. It guards our ability to reason and protects us from Satan's condemnation. We don this helmet not by a cheap decision, but by a foundational change of life. We must turn to Christ alone. Youth Bible School 2002 Salvation Download
Protected By Truth Jesus Christ is truth. Ignorance of the Scriptures leaves us vulnerable to the lies of the enemy. Emotions can try to dicate what we believe. We must be aware of compromise. Brother Mose also discusses the Breastplate of Righteousness on this tape. Youth Bible School 2002 Spiritual War Download
Having Our Feet Shod With the Gospel of Peace The soldier's shoes are an offensive tool, enabling him to move into battle. This is a vital part of our role as Christians. If we do not actively reach out and spread God's peace, we will slowly die off in our Christian experience. Youth Bible School 2002 Evangelism Download
The Shield of Faith Faith is the firm persuasion of truth. We trust man-made bridges and airways. Why can't we trust God and His word? We have a desperate need for faith's grit and determination. A soul free of sin, fear and guilt is living proof of faith in God. Youth Bible School 2002 Faith Download
The Work of Faith True faith is belief without question. Saving faith produces action. This message examines the things that faith does in an active way, and shows the work and result of faith. Church Service Faith Download
Elements of True Conversion Church Service Salvation Download
Principles of Biblical Finances God's Word has a lot to say about money and related issues. If we are not faithful in financial things, we cannot be trusted in spiritual matters either. God's definition of success is different from that of the world. Colorado Leadership Seminar 2003 Finances Download
The Bondage of Debt Americans are involving themselves in an ever increasing amount of debt, which is bringing them into bondage. While debt in itself may not be sin, the inordinate desire for things is. We must learn to be content, and to live within our means. Colorado Leadership Seminar 2003 Finances Download
Mortgages and Loans For many people it is nearly impossible to buy a home or start a business without a mortgage or loan. This practical teaching gives many helpful tips and warns against unwise practices, such as buying a property with little or no down payment. Colorado Leadership Seminar 2003 Finances Download
Financial Wisdom This is a teaching about various financial principles, including diligence, saving, and giving. It finishes up with a discussion of the pitfalls of making payments on automobiles. Colorado Leadership Seminar 2003 Finances Download
The Snare of Riches Riches have been a snare to many. This message outlines some of the dangers of wealth, and gives a biblical perspective of what we should do when riches increase. Colorado Leadership Seminar 2003 Finances Download
When God Will Shut the Door It is not a popular thought, but one day God will shut the door of salvation. He is longsuffering, but He will not allow sin to enter heaven. This is an earnest appeal to not reject God's merciful offer of salvation. Youth Bible School 2003 Warnings Download
Seven Confessions of Sin Church Service Sin Download
The Pursuit of Peace Church Service Christian Life Download
The Believer's Goal Church Service Warnings Download
Introduction to Discernment In this introduction to his series, Brother Mose shares the burden of his heart Leadership Seminar 2004 Discernment Download
The Word of God In this exhortation to be Bereans, Brother Mose demonstrates how to use the Word of God as a tool of discernment. Christians must make Biblical judgements in order to protect the church from contamination. Leadership Seminar 2004 Discernment Download