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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon
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Seeing Through the Hands of Jesus November 18, 2007 - When we intermingle with the ways of the world, we lose sight of God's ways. We are not called to have the earth bless us, we are called to bless the earth. Our cry has to be "Jesus, touch us and cause us to see what you see and feel w Second Coming Of Christ Heaven Or Hell Download
Set Free From The Power Of Serpents Freedom Evangelism Download
Setting Fire to Satan's Harvest May 21, 2006 '“ Satan is the master complainerand his desire is to plant a seed of discontentment in our heart. When we are not sarisfied with where God has placed us in the body we will by into the lie of the devil and begiin to complain against God. The Freedom Evangelism Download
Shall the Dust Praise Thee? November 30, 2008 - Those who are governed by their fallen nature make attempts to be spiritual apart from the enablement of the life of Christ. Satan convinces man that it is of value to live life by self effort. It is this kind or reasoning that leads u Satan Occult Download
Shout unto God with the Voice of Triumph January 15, 2006 '“ When we walk in obedience God, He will begin to put a divine order in our lives and He will empower us with the supernatural life of Jesus Christ. We all have enemies we are facing but an obedient heart will open up our spirit to hear Fallen Nature Doctrinal Download
Showing the Light of God's Love April 09, 2006 '“ There is only one reason why God would leave us on reath after we are saved and that is to light the candle of His Passion to burn within us so we can reflect the very love of Jesus. The work of God is to save the lost and we are the cad Triumph Exhortation Download
Six Paces and a Shout of Glory October 30, 2005 - We are ordinary people called by God to do an extraordinary work. The tactic of the enemy is to get you to leave a great work to do a good work. We are inclined to slip out of the place that God has ordained for us and live out our own Sing Praises Worship Download
Snares, Traps, Scourges, And Thorns If you have been walking with God and experienced the deliverance of God, and he has driven out strongholds, and you love God, what power of the enemy can stand before you? Israel was warned to take heed and love God, and not to go back to the gods of the Glorifying God Worship Download
Spiritual Authority You can stand up to the devil and say enough! Too many Christians go to church and read their Bibles, but lack the power that only comes through full submission to the Holy Ghost, and the Word of God, to combat the powers of the enemy. You can take back y Deliverance Occult Download
Standing in the Holy Place Spiritual Authority Word Of God Download
Standing on the Wrong Side of the Battle October 14, 2007 - Whenever the people of God move away from living in a manner that brings glory to His Name, they will find themselves positioned on the wrong side of the battle. What do you do when you find yourself charting your own course because you Holy Place Christian Character Download
Starving the Work of Christ May 10, 2009 - We are living in a time in history where there is intensified pain. Most of this pain comes from family issues broken marriages the heart break of a wayward child and betrayals. There is a pathway of pain that God will allow us to go throug Spiritual Warfare Spiritual War Download
Stop Running From Your Fears The Lord's Work God's Work Download
Stretch Out Your Hands To God's Will Fear Sin Download
Stubbornness May 27, 2007 - A stubborn person is a person who is fixed in purpose or condition, resistant to change and unreasonably obstinate. A stubborn person has an inner flaw and this inner flaw doesn't show until they are called to put all they are in the hands God's Will Doctrinal Download
Suffering (Time For Renewal Conference) Stubbornness Pride Download
Surrendered Saints on Dry Land November 25, 2007 - This message is about the mercy of God. The voice of God is crying out to all His people who are in a spiritual slumber because of self seeking, soft religion. God in His mercy will prepare a trial that will lead us into a type of the Suffering Persecution Download
Taking The Cup And Calling On Jesus God is calling us to drink the CUP of JESUS in its entirety. Many of us come to Christ and we want to drink from the cup of salvation, future authority, present power and healing but we dont want to go the distance and drink the cup of suffering and affli Deliverance Occult Download
Taking the Stronghold Affliction Persecution Download
Taking The Wings of Morning Spiritual Warfare Spiritual War Download