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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon
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Getting Ready To Light Your Lamp And Dance December 5, 2010 - Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. There are seasons in our life when God will allow forms of sorrow into our heart for His own purpose. Sometimes God will allow times of isolation so we can stop and think ab End Times Doctrinal Download
Getting Through Dark Days October 5, 2008 - It is imperative that everyone who belongs to the true Church of Jesus Christ learn the voice of God. In these last days demonic voices will arise to deceive us and lead us into captivity. How can we know when God is speaking to us? Firs Dark Days Warnings Download
Getting to the Other Side of Your Storm October 2, 2005 - When we get tired of charting our own course and invite Jesus to into our situation '“ He will take our hand and bring us to the other side. Religion and the plans of man will never get us through. It is a simple yielding of our own plan Storm Of Life Persecution Download
Give Me A Reason Not To Give Up Hope Christian Character Download
Glory of God in Dry Places This message is wonderful for those who are discouraged in their walk with Jesus. God wants to fill us with Himself so that we never run dry - even if our present circumstances seem overwhelming, He is faithful. Discouragement Exhortation Download
Go and Get Your Family February 3, 2008 - We are living in a society that is grieved for their sons and daughters. Underneath this grief is a cry that is asking WHERE IS GOD? Some are in the church asking the same thing - How can we get our family back? How can we get back what Household Salvation Home & Family Download
God Has a Plan for Trouble Times Dark Days Warnings Download
God Will Feed You in the Wilderness December 9, 2007 - This message is for those who are in a wilderness season and because they look in the mirror in the natural they can't see where strength and provision will come from. Many turn back right at the place where they will begin to discover Provision Mission Work Download
Gold Tried in the Fire A penetrating sermon on separation unto God using Christ's exhortation to the Laodicean church to buy gold from Him that has been tried in the fire. Pure gold reflects the glory of God and nothing but the glory of God can be in His temple, nothing of the Laodicean Church Exposing False Doctrines Download
Grinding in the Prison House March 30, 2008 - Satan's plan for every true believer in Christ is to take away our spiritual vision and move us into a profitless labor where there is no outflow of the supernatural life. If our separation to God for the purpose of freeing others from op Spiritual Warfare Spiritual War Download
Have You Ever Felt That God is Doing Nothing in Your Life? November 29, 2009 - The Kingdom of God does not come with outward observation. The Kingdom of God is a deep inward work where our heart moves forward in quietness and confidence. You cannot see it, you cannot hear it. It is an unseen work of the Holy Spir Failure Temptation Download
Have You Heard? There is Bread in Bethlehem September 27, 2009 - Bethlehem is the place where God was given for the needs of humanity. As Christians there is an inner desire that God plants in our heart to go into His field and gather up those whom are considered outcasts and unwanted. God wants to Provision Mission Work Download
Have You Seen Your Calling Yet Calling Consecration Download
He Lives In Me Carter Conlon's testimony!!! Testimony Personal Testimony Download
Help, I'm Stuck May 4, 2008 - When we violate the laws of God sin will become a weight so heavy that we will find ourselves stuck on the ground. There is something in the heart of God that yearns for you. God will begin to stretch forth His hand and lift us out of imposs Bondage Counseling Download
Hold Not Thy Peace, O God of My Praise This is a stirring sermon to encourage us in the midst of a storm. From the Psalms and Hebrews Pastor Conlon shows us that the truth of God in our hearts will bring peace amidst the lying and hating voices around us. A wonderful exhortation against the at Storm Of Life Persecution Download
How Do I Find the Strength of Christ? Strength Christian Character Download
How the Strong Can Backslide! Backsliding Sin Download
How To Embrace The Power Of The Cross January 3, 2010 - The Cross is a way to supernatural strength and power. Through the Cross, the life of God is lived through us in the person of the Holy Spirit. The Cross is the power of God in Christ to overpower all the forces of darkness. Because of t Cross Of Christ Discipleship Download
How to Thrive in the Famine December 4, 2011 '“ God brings us into a place of promise to provide for us and protect us. How do the people of God thrive in the midst of a famine? When Gods people declare that we will live for the purposes of God we will experience supernatural provis Famine Word Of God Download