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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon
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The Cost of the Resurrection Life April 8, 2007 - The Christian life is a supernatural life. We are changed and transformed into a brand new person. When Jesus rose from the dead His resurrection life became available to all who would want it. If we are going to be blessed of God there is Revival Revival Download
The Cry Of The Blind Man Resurrection Life God's Work Download
The Day the Sun Stood Still Christian Life Christian Life Download
The Deep Groanings of the Righteous May 20, 2007 - The moment we were saved the new nature of Christ was put within us. With this new nature of Christ came a deep inner longing and a groan that was put there by God. This inner groaning leads us into the depth of the life of Christ. We groan Faith Faith Download
The Defiled Garments Of Sardis Righteousness Christian Life Download
The Devil is After One Thing in Your Trial Starting in Heb. 12, proceeding to Matt. 27:39-49 and a few other scriptures, the most intense spiritual attack ever made on any one was made on the Son of God. Pastor Conlon shows how we can learn from our Savior how the enemy attacks and what he wants m Defilement Sin Download
The Devil who followed Jesus This message gives great insight into the story of Judas. There are many who have a false impression of Who Jesus is and what His purpose is. Be prepared to be challenged, especially if you have been using Christ for your own personal agenda. Spiritual Warfare Spiritual War Download
The Devil's Nightmare Pastor Conlon begins in Matthew 21:19-22 on faith, and overcoming obstacles that hinder our victory. God wants us to come to him for the Holy Ghost as a people that will not be denied, that will rise up in faith and lay hold on the promises God has made, Judas Studies Download
The Dreadful Places Of Blessing Obstacles Temptation Download
The Expectations Of The Righteous April 11, 2004 - The Expectancy of the Righteous - Carter Conlon
When we possess an experiential knowledge the we have the God of the Universe is living inside of us we will live our lives in a constant expectancy that God is going to do something gre
Blessing Inspiration Download
The Eye of the Needle November 4, 2007 - Jesus offers us not just a future hope but a present reality. Some of us have a present trust while we seek a future hope. God calls us to give up our present trust and walk with Him. What are you trusting in that keeps you locked out o Righteousness Christian Life Download
The Fellowship of Christ's Suffering October 12, 2008 - We sometimes reason with the question, "if God is God why does there have to be any sufferings on our behalf?"At the Last Supper Jesus offered Judas an opportunity to enter into the fellowship of His sufferings. This would be to partake Hope Christian Character Download
The Final Warning Comes in Pictures February 25, 2007 - God in His mercy will begin to speak to us through pictures. Think of the images the Lord has set before us in recent times. Images of the towers in New York City - symbols of pride and commerce that America trusts in, and in one hour Suffering Persecution Download
The Final Word Before The Lord Returns January 25, 2009 - We are living in a time where many are professing a pursuit of God but in reality they are rejecting Him. Half hearted sacrifice will always produce a spiritual dullness. If we bring God a blind sacrifice we will be blinded. Before the Warning Warnings Download
The First Commandment With A Promise Second Coming Heaven Or Hell Download
The Glorious Death of the Righteous May 1,2005 - The whole foundation of why Jesus came is about love. It is the kind of love that reaches out beyond our own struggles and cares for the needs of the poor. When the new life of Christ comes into us there is an evident outward working of right Commandments Law & Grace Download
The Glorious Ministration of the Spirit December 11, 2005 - When we allow ourselves to sit under a ministry of men that draw the people to themselves as opposed to pointing them to Jesus Christ we will bear fruit that desires to please man and not God. God is calling us out of a man focused min Righteous Christian Character Download
The Glorious Uncovered King of Israel May 14, 2006 '“ Jesus Christ filled with compassion moved to bring the worship od God into the central core of humanity. There has to be an inner cry of every christian that desires to honor the Lord with their life. Jesus Christ will come and unveil Hims Holy Spirit Holy Spirit Download
The Glory Of God And The Image Of Jealousy This is a message about how God will not compete with idolatry for the hearts and minds of his people. Instead he will lift his glory from their lives. He reluctantly took his glory from Israel as illustrated in Ezekiel, and nobody even noticed, for the p Servanthood Christian Character Download
The Glory Of God And The Souls Of Men Jealously Sin Download