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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon
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The Glory of God in Awful Places Have you ever found yourself in such a dark place that you don't see anything of God and it seems like there is no purpose for it? These awful places is where we meet God . Its where he works something very deep in ussomething we cant learn from a text bo Glory Of God God Download
The Glory Of The Latter House October 23, 2011 - How does our life bring Glory to God? The devil loves to wrap the church up in death, but God gets glory when He brings us out of the grave into His resurrection power. Faith in the finished work of the cross brings us into the promises Glory Of God God Download
The Glorying of Leaven This message is about the importance of dealing with any sin that may enter "the camp." Last Days Exhortation Download
The Goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living October 01, 2006 '“ There will come seasons of sorrow and sickness, seasons when death will knock on our doors and everything will begin to change in our lives. It is in these times that we all have a choice to make. We can choose to stop trusting God bec Sin Sin Download
The Gospel of the Grace of God December 3, 2006 - A true conversion of Christ becomes miraculous when we understand that there is an enablement through the Spirit to love and serve Him. God will send promptings of His love to open our hearts to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything th Goodness Christian Character Download
The Heaven Side of Unyielding Prayer Jesus tells us to "pray and faint not."This message brings to light the reasons why we often "faint"in prayer. We must come to the Lord with a WHOLE heart - and not TRY Him, but SERVE Him, because He is GOD. Many do not get through to God because they are Wilderness Suffering Download
The Humble Will Be Lifted Up Prevailing Prayer Prayer Download
The Humble Will Soon Hear Your Song November 27, 2005 - Time and time again the enemy will come after our mind with a demonic flood of accusations to move you away from our true identity and righteousness that we have in Jesus Christ. God will arise above this flood and fight for us by show Humility Christian Character Download
The Image of God October 21, 2007 - When the church of Jesus Christ begins to portray a wrong image of God, it opens the door for uncalled and unfaithful men to take positions as spiritual leaders. The end result of standing before the wrong image of God will lead the peo Humility Christian Character Download
The Incredible Signs That Follow Those Who Believe June 11, 2006 '“ This is a message for those who think they have failed God and made a mess out of their life. God has intertwined His life with His church and it doesnt matter how far we have fallen we are never out of God's reach. Those who are in Chris Idolatry Sin Download
The Incredible Strength of Knowing God's Joy Another stirring sermon from Pastor Conlon, this time He takes us through many Scriptures including an exposition on the parable of the prodigal son that will greatly encourage and strengthen the listener in the joy of the Lord. Belief Christian Character Download
The Indisputable Evidence of A Great Church September 19, 2010 - What makes a church great? Is it the worship? Baptism of the Holy Spirit? Prophecy? Faith to move mountains? These are all good things but God's call for greatness is higher. If we dont have the love of God all these things count for Joy Christian Character Download
The Journey From Prayer To Obedience (Preached: Feb. 8th, 2004). In a place of complacency, the enemy rose up to try to destroy God's people. After the captivity in Babylon, many of Israel had grown comfortable and stayed, rather than returning. Mixture in the world gives the enemy room to r Church The Church Download
The Joy of Preaching Your Own Funeral Before we surrendered our lives to Christ we were dead in our sin. The only way to be free from this sin is to die to our old way of living. Jesus Christ died for us and when we came to Christ we were baptized in this death. The Bible says, "he that is de Obedience Christian Character Download
The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength God's Forgiveness Forgiveness Download
The Key to Unlocking the Provision of God December 13, 2009 - God chooses an incredible strategy to release His provision. God will feed His people and then use the people He feeds to feed others. Before God can use us and pour His provision through us He must see a core value in our character. W Joy Christian Character Download
The Last Day Image of Christ November 16, 2008 - The work of God is for the redemption of the lost. There is a vision of God that comes into the heart of a man or woman when they stand before the throne of Jesus and pray, "use my life for the souls of this generation". There is an in Provision Mission Work Download
The Last Day Return to Discernment - Part 2 April 1, 2007 - God has commanded us to love to love one another. To hate our brother means simply to love him less than Jesus has commanded us. When we discern the temporary failures of our brethren without discerning the mercy and love of our Heavenly F Last Days Exhortation Download
The Last Day Return to Discernment Part 1 March 25, 2007 - Discernment is an inner knowledge given by God that gives us the ability to discern areas of our hearts that are surrendered and areas of our hearts that are not surrendered. Discernment is also the ability to understand who is serving Go Last Days Exhortation Download
The Last Days of the Wicked and the Righteous January 21, 2007 - There is a season coming when everything that is not Christ's will be washed away. Society will not be aware of these times. These are days when the gospel that speaks of the Cross and living righteously for God will be ignored. There w Last Days Exhortation Download