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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon
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Dangerous Shepards This message is best described as how to identify dangerous, self-seeking shepherds, as the Bible describes in the scriptures. Where is the recognition of the seriousness and soberness of the high calling of being a shepherd to the sheep of God? Too many Shepards Ministry Download
Deal With Sin, Christ Is Coming Second Coming Of Christ Heaven Or Hell Download
Death Is Only A Shadow Death Heaven Or Hell Download
Digging Up the Old Wells of Abraham June 10, 2007 - If we are going to stand in the coming days we have to go to the old wells, the places where our forefathers went and draw out water. We dig in the same places where they dug in their times of stress, trial and famine and we will find the Old Paths Historical Teaching Download
Discerning the Fellowship of Jesus Christ (preached: June 8, 2003) This is a great message about discerning between Truth as it is in Jesus and false teaching. God promises to those that seek Him with all their hearts that He will lead them into all truth. Truth seekers are those that worship God False Teaching Exposing False Doctrines Download
Disentangled Warriors (preached: Dec. 14, 2003) Starting with Timothy, and going through other scriptures, believers are exhorted to care one for another, and fight the good fight. When God sends someone to you who needs encouragement, lifting up will you be able to take time Caring For Others Christian Life Download
Don't Be Dismayed, God Will Not Fail You Carter Conlon preached this powerful message in the year 2003 at Times Square Church. No matter your struggle - God will NOT fail you as you trust Him in everything. God will always be faithful the scripture says. God has made covenant with the Church as Dependence On God Christian Life Download
Don't Despise the Day of Small Endings October 2, 2011 - We dont mind if our life starts out small and ends big but what if it goes the other way. Are you discouraged because your life isn't matching up to your original vision? This message encourages us that the Lord will finish the work that God's Will Doctrinal Download
Don't Lose Heart in Your Time of Testing Time Of Testing Warnings Download
Don't Let Discouragement Take Your Strength August 23, 2009 - Discouragement can be debilitating. We can get so despondent that we will begin to doubt the existence of God. God will allow seasons of discouragement whenthere is something hidden in our heart and He wants to get at itwhen we take that Discouragement Exhortation Download
Dying To Glorify God May 6,2005 - There was a cry in the heart of Jesus Christ which has to be in the heart of everyone that says they have Christ living in them. This Cry is simply '“ Lord Jesus be glorified in my life. There is an inward radiance that will be an expression Glorifying God Worship Download
Easter Morning March 27, 2005 - A final shaking is coming to the world when sin will have brought such a weight into the very universe that God created. By virtue of the nature of God He will be compelled to fold up the universe as it is today and he will re '“create a Easter Discernment Download
Eating The Bread Of Opposition Opposition Exposing False Doctrines Download
Elijah (Time For Renewal Conference) Elijah Studies Download
Escape to the Mountain All through scripture, throughout the lives of various saints, the call to come up to the mountain to let him reveal his heart to you. Spiritual laziness and prayerlessness will lead to the loss of passion for Christ and the inability to feed the sheep fr Overcoming Christian Life Download
Escaping the Theology of Babylon December 4,2005 - There is no deeper and darker blindness than religious blindness. The theology of Babylon has no effect on its society but to dull and deaden the people. This theology of self seeking and animates false prophets who are covetous and has Babylon Worldliness Download
Evangelism Series - Part 1 To pursue God's heart is to find a new value system for seeking wisdom rather than riches or your works. And scripture says "He that winneth souls is wise". When you are in love with Christ, it draws people to you. The joy it brings will make people aroun Evangelism Evangelism Download
Even Jesus Will Soon Be Shouting For Joy Joy Christian Character Download
Everyone's Work Will Be Tried By Fire God wants to move in his church but he needs a people standing on the Rock who will not draw attention to themselves or misuse the gifts of the Spirit for personal gain or ambition. A people whose main desire is to glorify God, not flesh. When there is a Judgment Seat Of Christ Jesus Christ Download
Everything is Servant to the Word of God January 01, 2006 '“ God speaks and His words are backed up with a creative power to put in motion the very words He has spoken. The very breath of Gods words are air put into divine motion and has the complete ability to make the truth of Gods promises a Word Of God Word Of God Download