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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon
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A Secret Place Called Christmas Christmas Discernment Download
A Source of Joy that Can Not Be Overcome July 30, 2006 '“ We are living in a time when superficial joy will dissipate. Christians who have a wrong focus on Jesus will never experience true joy. God has a prescribed order in the way we should seek Him and serve Him. Our seeking God has to be divi Joy Christian Character Download
A Stick and a One Line Sermon April 22, 2007 - This message is for those who see their calling and tried but it seemed to be of no avail. Failure and misunderstanding of God's ways has lead you into the wilderness. For those of you who feel like a dry stick and have no strength, God i Failure Temptation Download
A Sudden Voice In The City Hope Christian Character Download
A Warning to an Evil Generation (preached: July 20, 2003) A powerful warning about last days deception in the Church. This is a strong rebuke of the signs and manifestations movement and of the preaching of a soft gospel. The hour is late, don't be caught looking for Him in the wrong pl Last Days Deception Exposing False Doctrines Download
A Word For Those Who Feel Like Quitting October 3, 2010 - You might say you started your walk with the Lord with such optimism and all of a sudden you are fighting wars within and wars without. You know the battle is fierce and in and of yourself you have no power to get through your situation. Giving Up Christian Character Download
Agreeing To Tempt The Spirit Of The Lord September 2, 2007 - What is the lesson we can learn from Ananias and Saphira? How could they think they could get the Holy Spirit to be a partaker of their lie? The enemy will bring a deception into our heart that says we can live in sin and hypocrisy bec Tempting God Temptation Download
Almost Persuaded Beginning in Acts 26, where Paul is testifying before Festus and King Agrippa, about his conversion on the road to Damascus, Pastor Conlon contrasts the difference between the testimony meeting that will take place in hell, of those who knew, and disregar King Agrippa Studies Download
An Invitation To Die Death To Self Christian Life Download
An Open Door January 17, 2010 - God opens a door that no man can shut and closes a door that no man can open. God will open up a door and if we choose to walk through it He will shut the door to our past and all of our enemies. Nobody can catch us from behind when God Hope Christian Character Download
Another Jesus Pastor Conlon goes through many other scriptures in this stirring message about the Jesus of the Bible, and man's preconceived notion of Jesus, based on men's theology and doctrines. The primary concern of the LOrd is that he get hold of your life and for Another Jesus Discernment Download
Are the Giants Really Necessary? August 16, 2009 - What do you do when you find giants occupying the very land that God promised is yours? Have you ever asked yourself, "if God is with us why do I face such violent opposition?"Are these obstacles and giants necessary? Obstacles and giant Victory God's Work Download
Are You Tired Of Being God? November 28, 2010 - Man's inherent problem is that he thought in himself that he could be God. We all have a sin nature in us that desires to make choices apart from the will of God. God gave us the law as a school master to prove to us that we can't keep Christian Life Christian Life Download
Ask Jesus Now For The Things That You Need November 14, 2010 - The time for seeking God is now. The Bible says ask, seek, knock and God Himself will answer you and give you what you need. The question is what are we asking for? We are called to be a testimony of Jesus Christ in the earth. The ligh Provision Mission Work Download
Awakening from the Sleep of Sorrow November 1, 2009 - Many of us who are on a journey with the Lord come into the Kingdom with our own ideas about how He should manifest His life through us. In the coming days many will experience intense sorrow as our image of God and our own image of how Sorrow Persecution Download
Be Sure, Your Sin Will Find You Out March 16, 2008 - The whole moral law calls us to be separate from the thinking of the world. If you settle in a certain comfort zone and begin to focus on self, to the exclusion of those who haven't come into your inheritance, this is the sin that WILL fi Sin Sin Download
Beauty for Ashes - Day 1 Haiti Mission Work Download
Beauty for Ashes - Day 3 Haiti Mission Work Download
Becoming A Child Of The Day Walking In The Spirit Sanctification Download
Believing the Whispers of God December 10, 2006 - We may be experiencing adversity and various trials but if you have an honest heart God will instruct us and guide us with His Word. When the Lord has used His servant and His touch has come upon us there is a season of weeping and spi Guidance Of God Word Of God Download