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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon
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Beware Of Being Offended September 26, 2010 - Many in the last days will be offended. The word offended means to be moved to leaning on your reasoning rather than trusting the plan that God has for your life. When difficulties and trails come you will be tempted to take another c Offences Sin Download
Beware Of Smiting The Rock Anger Sin Download
Beware of the Angry Watchmen October 28, 2007 - There is a false revival on the rise. It is the rise of the angry watchman who will cast stones at those who have gone astray from the Lord. This false revival consists of ministers who have led people away from the truth through legali Watchmen Exposing False Doctrines Download
Beware Of The Wisdom Of Men (preached: Oct. 5, 2003) Beware Warnings Download
Beware When You Are Full Beware Warnings Download
Bless The Earth, Oh My Soul! Christian Living Christian Life Download
Blessed Are They Who Consider June 19,2005 - When we are moving in the divine will of God for our lives there is a provision that comes from the hand of God that is all encompassing. It is the absolute heart of God to give His children the total supply of His kingdom. When we consider Will Of God Sanctification Download
Blood Upon Dry Land December 25, 2005 - One of the ways God witnesses to the lost is through the change He makes in our lives. The very testimony of Christ in us will be a voice crying out to them. We as children of God are to take the promises of God and begin to speak what Promises Of God Word Of God Download
Breaking The Heart Of Obedience January 10, 2010 - Have you ever asked yourself why do things have to change? We are all resistant to change especially when it involves what we perceive to be hardship or loss to ourselves or someone we love. There is nothing in us that wants to gravitat Obedience Christian Character Download
Bringing The Power Of God Into Prayer It's a sad statement about affairs of the church when a crippled man lays near the gate outside the sanctuary, expecting only spare change. When you know the heart of God, why he came to die for sinners, you will boldly be able to speak the truth, with re Corporate Prayer Prayer Download
Bringing Your House To Spiritual Victory (preached: Dec. 7, 2003) What an outstanding message of exhortation! Using the account of Cornelius in Acts 10, Pastor Conlon shows us that we should have an expectancy that God is going to move among our family and those around us, an expectancy that our Household Salvation Home & Family Download
Building Up My Brother's House (preached: Dec. 12, 2002) Edification Inspiration Download
Caesar or God (preached: March 3, 2003) Choice Exhortation Download
Calling Down Fire Anger Sin Download
Casting Fire Into the Sanctuary June 15, 2008 - There are demonic voices and powers of darkness that attempt to turn us away from the power we have in Christ. These voices will say you can't go any farther with God. This message reminds us that it is the LORD who sets the boundaries in Sanctuary Worship Download
Cherishing the Treasure of Christ We have this treasure in earthen vesselsthe Spirit of the living God indwelling believers. And that presence will produce in a hungry soul an ever increasing revelation of who Christ is. This is often revealed in us and to us through suffering and trials. Cherishing Christ Christian Life Download
Chopping Wood For Father Pastor Conlon delivers an extremely personal mesage, where he speaks about his attempts as a teen to gain the favour and love of his own father. He goes on to show how this is in the mentality of many christains that think they can work the're way into th Grace Law & Grace Download
Coming Out of the Wilderness with Power August 30, 2009 - In just a little while God in His mercy will lead His church into the wilderness. The wilderness is not a place to be avoided, but rather a place to be understood. There is something of God in this place. God Himself will allure us there Wilderness Suffering Download
Covering the Face of Jesus (preached: Sept. 21, 2003) A great word of truth on our commitment to the cross. Pastor Conlon uses the trial of Jesus to illustrate how the world will be offended by Christ in us and he exhorts us to stand firm and love those who hate us, keeping the cro Commitment Christian Character Download
Crossing Jordan at Harvest Time December 11, 2011 '“ There are times and seasons of great harvests. Jesus Christ opened up the way into the Promised Land and this is no time to play on the edges of Christianity. We must not overflow the boarders of what God calls moral and good. God's v Harvest Evangelism Download